Frequently Asked Questions

When building a deck, what are the types of building materials I can choose from?

We use a variety of deck materials, depending on the customer’s needs. The types of materials to choose from include:

  • Composite
  • Cedar
  • Green treated

Deck railings and corner posts can be composed of any of the following types of materials:

  • Composite
  • Wood (both cedar and green treated)
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Brick

Are there requirements for the depth of post holes and what time of year can post holes be dug?

Post holes need to be a minimum of 42″ deep to keep them below the frost layer. Post holes that are less than 42″ in depth are susceptible to heaving during the freeze/thaw conditions prevalent in our region.

Post holes can be dug all year long. There are some additional preparations that may need to take place when the weather is extremely cold.

What types of deck customizations are available?

Some of the most common customizations include built-in benches and unique corner posts. Child protection gates at the deck stairways are often request by parents with smaller children. Another built-in to consider is flower planters, they really help to brighten up your deck. Additionally, composite decking provides the flexibility to create decks that are uniquely shaped.

I would like a maintenance free deck, which materials are the best choice for me?

There are no building materials that require zero maintenance. Composite decking materials, such as Trex, will require the least amount of service as they do not rot, splinter, or warp.

Does it matter which type of composite decking I choose?

Yes, absolutely. We highly recommend Trex composite decking materials. We choose this brand of composite decking because it is one of the lowest maintenance composite decking materials available. It is splinter free and has a 25 year limited residential warranty. Customers who have chosen this composite decking material are much more pleased than those who have chosen other brands of composite decking.

If I am having my deck built with either cedar or green-treated lumber, how long should I wait before staining my new deck?

Decks built with cedar decking can be stained right away. Cedar is delivered much drier than green-treated decking. It is recommended to wait 2 months prior to staining green-treated decks to allow the building material to age and dry out properly.

If you have any more questions we would be happy to answer them for you! Just call us at 507-951-4112.